For use on all fi bers including stain resistant and wool carpets. Active Fiber Rinse™ is a soft water rinse for synthetic and natural fi bers. A mild acid solution specially formulated not only to neutralize alkaline reside, but to activate shampoo residues so the rinsing process is more complete. Carpets are brighter, softer and stay cleaner.
Available in 4x1 gallon containers only.

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FLOOD CONTROL is a neutral pH non-ionic formula, safe for use on stain resistant carpet. Effectively eliminates a wide range of malodors including mold and mildew odors associated with dampness, sewer back-up, fl ood, urine, perspiration and feces. Equally effective on hard surfaces such as fl oors and walls.
Available in 4x1 gallon containers only.

Safety Data Sheet

Our highly concentrated, effective and economical DEFOAMER eliminates foam build up in recovery tanks of carpet extraction equipment. Mix 2 ounces DEFOAMER per 5 gallon recovery capacity. Add to recovery tank for total foam elimination.
Available in 12x1 quart and 4x1 gallon containers.

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“The PDS 21 has been a staple in our arsenal for several years now, our guys love them. Your new Dehu is out performing everything in its size and the new Air Scrubber’s no tool filter change and rental rate are becoming a favorite on every job”

– Bill Leo, DriExpress, LLC

"I am the owner of First Choice Equipment Sales. We have been distributing their products since 2007. Viking is an outstanding Company and offers excellent products and service. We have a great working relationship that has grown over the years. With all of their continued support, they have helped us grow and be successful."

– Beth Hinton, First Choice Equipment Sales

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